The first wind power station was put into operation in the Republic of Belarus

On June, 16, 2016 in Novogrudok district of Grodno region the first wind power station (WPS) in the Republic of Belarus with installed with capacity 9 MW, that was built by the project of RUP "Belenergosetproekt" was put into operation. After putting the station into operation total capacity of wind power installations (WPI), constructed in the Republic of Belarus have reached 33,4 MW.

In addition to previously constructed WPI with 1,5 MW capacity, on the site of WPS saw mounted 5 installations 1,5 MW each. All six WPI were pruduced by Chinese company «HEAG».

Height of WPI tower is 80 meters, wind rotor diameter - 82 meters.

Construction site of WPS is at the most elevated place near Grabniki in Novogrudok district of Grodno region, at a distance of 2 kilometres in north-west direction from Novogrudok and it's opened for all wind directions.

For output of power, generated by six WPI into the power system, and power supply of nearby consumers, substation 110/35/10 kV “Vetropark” was built.

Calculated annual production of new WPS is 22,07 mln.kW·h. This will allow Belorussian power system to save about 4,5 mln.m3 of natural gas every year, using the power of wind.

ветропарк Грабники  Ветропарк Грабники