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A Utility Model Patent

Patent-opora-11732The specialists of RUE Belenergosetprojekt has received a utility model patent for “An angle anchor single –circuit three-phase transmission tower” #11732. The patent issued by the National Center of Intellectual Property in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus “About the patents for the inventions, utility models, industrial models”, its period of validity is 5 years.

The technical results of the utility model are achieved due to the angle anchor single –circuit three-phase transmission tower containing metal lattice tower and cross-arms that are made of diagonals, spacers, lattice girders and diagrams in lattice sides, the tower has a square section includes a pyramid and a compound ground wire support, also in the upper part of the tower there are three single-phase cross-arms to locate the attachment knots for the insulator strings and two cross-arms for the ground-wires, and inside the tower there are stepping platforms connected by the ladders, besides, the upper edges of the cross-arms are provided with railed traps.

The utility model was designed for the construction of the support building structures of 330 kV high-voltage transmission lines to pass over the forest and to provide effective economic indicators.

Such types of towers were already erected in the section of the overhead high-voltage transmission line 330 kV Molodechno – Minsk Severnaya, which was built as a part of a project of Belarussian NPP scheme of power distribution and its connection to the Power system.